If you have forgotten how to do something, or a message that you are not used to seeing has appeared, please see below for some of the answers to the questions that we get asked the most.

Website Questions


Q. How do I add a new web-user or phone user (employee)?

A. Please see our user guide, page 4 for web users or page 5 for employees – Real-Link User Guide

Q. How do I change the name of a tag/location?

A. If the tag has not been used yet and is currently called ‘Tag 2’ or similar then simply click where it says Tag 2. On the subsequent screen delete ‘tag 2’ and add the location where the tag is or is going to be placed. Enter the site name under ‘Location Group’. If the tag has bee used before and you wish to reuse it elsewhere, you must deactivate it and then reactivate it as new. Please see pages 9-11 of the user guide for instructions – Real-Link User Guide

Q. How do I set it so that my customer can only see the data for their particular site/sites?

Firstly you need to set your customer up as a web user (see page 4 of the user guide). Once you click on their web user details, click on the Settings tag along the top. Fill in the field called Location Group(s). This must be the same as the Location Group used on the tag locations. Save.


Phone Questions


Q. My Sonim phone is saying that there is no NFC on this device when I know there is?

A. Take back door off and then replace carefully making sure it is screwed on correctly.

Q. My Nokia 700 phone is not reading the tags. There is no error message, no beep or no transaction.

A. The NFC could have been turned off. Go to the phone’s main menu and then Settings – Connectivity. The second option should say NFC switched on. If it is off click on thi and turn it back on.

Q. I am getting error message ‘Network error 281’ when I try to log in? How can I stop this?

A. This error is displayed when the phone cannot connect to the mobile phone data network. Please see below for possible reasons why this would happen and what you can do to solve them.

  • No signal – move to area with signal or change network if signal is generally bad. Offline login can also be set-up  but data would not be coming through in real-time.
  • Sim card is not active – check if the network name is displayed on home screen or that can make calls. If not, call network to get sim card activated.
  • Sim Card is not data enabled – check if data enabled by going to browser/web on phone and attempting to go to a website. If does not work contact network to get data enabled.
  • No credit on pay as you go sim card – check credit and top up if required.
  • Incorrect data settings on phone – this should only affect Sonim phones as others pick up the settings automatically. If your phone is a Sonim please download the following sheet with the settings for each network – Sonim Data Settings

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please contact RealTime by emailing support@realtimedc.com or calling 01243 855700.

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