Wi-Fi networking and Social hotspot management.

RealTime WiFi

  • Lead generation through Wi-Fi. How to collect customers’ information through the captive portal of your Wi-Fi network
  • Wi-Fi data analytics, how to better segment your customers and create target marketing campaign
  • Wi-Fi advertising, how to advertise services and products through your Wi-Fi network and boost your business

RealTime DC will install and manage your wi-fi. We can provide a complete solution including Telephone line, Broadband, WiFi and RealTime WiFi Software to manage securely your wi-fi with secure access for your Credit card terminals to meet PCI DSS approval, easy access for your customers showing adverts and collecting data for marketing, even  “family” access  where staff and family can use the internet without risk.

Provide high quality connectivity to you customer across all of your premise.

Easily scalable to multiple venue with common or unique SSID’s, data per venue or grouped and HQ over-site and management.

Advertise your brand using WiFi

Many businesses are shifting their advertising tactics from traditional digital advertising towards WiFi Advertising.

Why is WiFi advertising important?

With the developing WiFi market now at its peak, WiFi hotspots have become the preferred medium for businesses to engage with their clients and increase their brand awareness.One of the greatest things about offering a Wi-Fi connection at your location is that by RealTime providing and properly configuring your splash page you can collect useful data, promote your brand,  save on your advertising budget and target more closely a niche group of users with customized advertisements and promotions, in order to encourage them to interact with your business.