Real-Link Solutions

For Security

Real-Link Security Patrol system combines NFC-enabled mobile phones with RFID tags so that you get guaranteed proof that a guard was at a particular location and what they were doing whilst there.

For Contract Cleaning

Real-Link is an ideal solution for contract cleaning. Using NFC enabled mobile phones and RFID tags you can get guaranteed proof that a cleaner has been to a client’s site, when they were there and for how long.

For Field Service + Asset

By using Real-Link for field service you can access full information of where and when your employees have been and a full history of work that they have been doing. By using RFID tags and NFC phones.

For Time & Attendance

Keeping track of the hours employees have worked, or when they arrived at and left sites can be a time consuming effort. Unfortunately it is usually a necessary task whether it is for payroll purposes.

For Pubs & Nightclubs

Real-Link is the app that all pubs and clubs need to be using. Already used by many bars, pubs and clubs around the country, Real-Link is proven to automate your processes saving time and money.

digital forms

Make the reporting task easier by using our app. Real-Link can be utilised for any type of incidents or regular checks that require a form to be filled in. 

Explore the process of business digitalisation with Real-Link.