Real-Link for Pubs & Nightclubs

Real-Link is the app that all pubs and clubs need to be using. Already used by many bars, pubs and clubs around the country, Real-Link is proven to automate your processes saving time and money.

How does it work?

NFC tags are placed around venue and/or on equipment. The employee has a mobile phone with the Real-Link app. They scan a tag to record who it is, where they are and the time and date. Additional data can be captured such as filling in forms, all of which can be location specific.

All data is sent in real-time via Wi-Fi or phone network and the reports can be viewed immediately though a web-based portal or via instant email.

MObile app

Real-time Incident Reporting

Ability to report in real-time any issues that have been discovered, e.g. broken glass, spills, build-up of glasses/bottles, damage to furniture/equipment.

Toilet checks

Complete toilet checks with time and date stamped to show checks being made for any issues or patrons that are unwell.

Timed internal patrols

Internal patrols scheduled to check for incidents, help prevent theft and to check for suspicious packages.

Photo reporting

Report time and date stamped photographs to show when an issue was discovered and time it was cleared up (to provide proof that spillages etc. are dealt with quickly avoiding risk of potential injury).

FORm filling

Turn paperless and fill out your forms with Real-Link.

Cloud based back office

Summarised Reporting

Access your forms, charts and reports on your Real-Link web portal. Easily export reports in various formats or automate via email.

Proof of patrols

Help to reduce insurance premiums and meet licensing requirements with real-time proof of patrols, inspections and clear-ups.

Control room

Monitor all activity and reports with your Real-Link control room.

Full history

Have full history of all patrols, incidents, equipment checks, staff attendance and opening checks in one place easily accessible in a cloud based reporting system.


Whenever an issue is reported, a manager will be instantly alarmed via email.

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