Real-Link for Field Service & Asset Management

By using Real-Link for field service and asset management, you can access full information of where your employees have been and a full history of work that they have been doing.

How does it work?

Employee carries NFC-enabled mobile phone containing Real-Link application. They visit locations and equipment that have pre-positioned RFID tags. They touch a tag with a phone, which identifies who they are, the equipment that they are in front of, and where they are. The phone can display a set of options relevant to that location that the worker chooses from. This may be a simple list of choices, or a data entry request (test details, equipment condition etc.) The phone can also display instructions for what needs to be done at that particular piece of equipment.

All data is instantly available via cloud-based back office to enable monitoring of employees and their work. If you are on-the-go, automated reports and alerts are available via email and text message.

MObile app

JOB list

Phone can display a list of jobs that the user has on for that day.

ASSET Specific instructions

The phone can display instructions for what needs to be done at that particular piece of equipment.

Photo Reporting

Ability to take photos of any major issues without need for separate camera.

Individual logins

Unique employee login access for accurate reporting.

GPS Tracking

Easily locate your employees with GPS tracking.

Cloud based back office

FULL asset and work HISTORy

Have full history of each asset/piece of equipment available at the touch of a button. Ability to view detailed information about where each employee has been, when they were there, for how long and what they did once there.


Allocate ad-hoc jobs easily to employees that are out in the field.

Customer log ons

Clients can be given access to view work done if required.


Immediate, electronic recording of information that can be exported or automated in various formats. Automate asset management process – no more paperwork that can be lost or destroyed.

GPS Mapping

View your employees co-ordinates via map or satellite tracking.

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