About Us

RealTime acts as the software division of the company. We expanded in 2008 from a manufacturing/logistics background to offering various software solutions across different markets.

We are mobile software solution specialists with solutions for time and attendance, auditing, asset control and maintenance. RealTime also sells electronic point of sale software solutions. We focus on supplying efficient, cost-effective software solutions. We understand that most businesses do not have unlimited money to spend on technology. This is the reason that most of our software solutions are charged on a monthly or quarterly basis instead of a large upfront cost.

As well as providing the solution, RealTime provide full training, support and hardware for each solution. RealTime DC partner with Kwalitas, Acti, Reslink, Tanaza and ICRTouch.


A significant part of RealTime’s business is our hardware sales. Originally hardware was sold when required as part of a software solution project.

As more and more of our customers came back to us for different hardware, RealTime expanded into the e-commerce market in 2008. Our first website was Barcode Hyperstore. This site sells barcoding hardware such as scanners, mobile computers and label printers. Barcode Hyperstore is a very popular site mainly due to our competitive prices and excellent level of customer service. On the back of the success of Barcode Hyperstore, RealTime DC launched Epos Hyperstore in 2012. Epos Hyperstore sells all point of sale equipment such as touch screens, scanners, receipt printers and till drawers.

Due to the advance of mobile devices, in 2017 RealTime DC had to launch a new mobile friendly web site hyperstore.co.uk . This web site contains all the products from the older web sites with better information, images and cleaner checkout progress.