For Time and Attendance

Keeping track of the hours employees have worked, or when they arrived at and left sites can be a time consuming effort. Unfortunately it is usually a necessary task whether it is for payroll purposes, proof of attendance for a client, or health and safety reasons. However, entering time sheets or checking clocking cards can become a thing of the past with Real-Link.

Real-Link uses RFID identity cards and NFC enabled mobile phones (or a specially designed TimeBox) to track employee start/finish and arrival/departure times. Once an ID card is touched to the phone or TimeBox it will send the details of who that is, where they are and the time/date to the server. This information can then be viewed instantly online via a password protected login. If required, the phone can also be programmed to allow information about the employee to be displayed or for additional information to be captured.

All of the data captured is instantly available as it is sent using the mobile phone network. This means that there is no need for an expensive company network to be installed or for an attendance device to be hard wired. Using the phone or TimeBox means that it can be moved to another site or building whenever it is required.

The Real-Link system has an in-built report that allows you to see at the touch of a button who has been working each day and for how long. It will also enable you to see time started and ended so you can check for lateness.

Card printers are available for you to easily design and print your own identity cards making you in charge of the whole process and meaning you can easily set-up new employees or temporary staff in a very short time.

RealTime DC is an official reseller of this solution in the UK & USA.

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