For Security Patrols

Real-Link Security provides you with real-time data on your guard operations. Our easy to use cost effective app uses cutting-edge NFC technology, giving you current details of guard locations, incident reports, alarm response and mobile patrols.

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How does it work?

Employee scans NFC tag with their Real-Link enabled mobile phone which transmits in real-time, via the phone network or Wi-Fi, their name, location and the time. Location specific data can be displayed on the phone for information or for capturing additional details such as specific checks that must be carried out.




All data is instantly available via cloud-based back office to enable monitoring of employees and their work. If you are on-the-go, automated reports and alerts are available via email and text message.

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Features of Real-Link for Security

  • Real time proof that patrols are being performed.
  • Easy to use solution that runs on a mobile phone.
  • Works on mobile network, Wi-Fi or offline mode.
  • Real-time incident reporting – photos, video, text, and drop-down lists etc.
  • Real-time alarms of incidents by email or SMS.
  • Cloud –based reports.
  • Automated reporting – daily, weekly, monthly – activity logs.
  • GPS monitoring and tracking.
  • Geo-fence locations, sites and employees.
  • Live monitoring of employees.
  • Location specific tasks including alarm call-outs.
  • Alerts on missed tasks.
  • Supervisor site visits.
  • Lone worker protection – man down, SOS, active monitoring.

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Benefits of Real-Link for Security

  • Provide evidence to your clients of patrols.
  • Only mobile phone required; no separate devices.
  • Deal with incidents quickly and effectively.
  • Remove all paper forms that need typing up, filing and at risk of being lost.
  • Cloud-based reports allow any-time access to data.
  • Improved safety of employees with lone-worker features.
  • Complete audit trail on your ­field operations.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and higher ROI.
  • Help win new contracts by offering complete transparency to the customer.
  • Quick ROI by removing time spent on paperwork/reports and increased business due to satisfied customers.

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Keyholding & Alarm Response

Make key-holding and alarm response easy to manage and paper- free. Use Real-Link to display location specific questions and information relevant for each site. Display key and alarm codes in a secure way, fill in a report about the call-out and inform the control room once you have finished and are leaving site.

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Supervisor Site Visits

A number of forms can be added to Real-Link for quick and accurate reporting that is available in real-time. Remove the wasted time spent typing forms up and finding space to file them. Do them all on our mobile app. This could include site visits, appraisals and quality control assessments as well as many others.

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Lone Worker Protection

The Real-Link system provides excellent lone-worker protection. If you are monitoring employees from a control room, you can track them using the Real-Link system on a map to see exactly where they are at any time. If you need to be notified quickly if there is an issue, this can be done by a number of means including SOS tag and emergency dial hot key. A built-in accelerometer can be activated to inform you if an employee’s phone is horizontal for too long and alert tags can be set to inform you if certain locations have not been visited within a set period of time. If an employee needs to enter a dangerous area they can ask for timed protection which will inform you if they have not left the area within a certain amount of time.


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