For Security Patrols

Real-Link Security Patrol system combines NFC-enabled mobile phones with RFID tags so that you get guaranteed proof that a guard was at a particular location and what they were doing whilst there - simply by them touching a location tag with their phone. The phone is also an ideal tool to use for Lone Worker Protection as Real-Link makes it easy for employees to instantly transmit that they are in danger.

How does it work?

  • Guard carries NFC-enabled mobile phone containing Real-Link application.
  • Security guard goes about his usual patrols of site(s).
  • The guard touches a pre-positioned tag with phone, which identifies who and where they are.
  • Phone can display a set of location-sensitive options that the guard can choose from - such as site secure, window broken, fire etc.

  • All data is immediately transmitted via GPRS telephone network in real-time
  • Alert functionality means that if a tag is not touched within a certain time a SMS or email message will be sent alerting someone to this.
  • All data transmitted from phone can be viewed in real-time from anywhere via a web-based log-in.
Benefits of Real-Link for Security Companies

  • Proof that your guards are performing the patrols that they should be and at the correct time.
  • Optional alert to supervisor or control room by SMS or email if a patrol is missed.
  • Help ensure the safety of your guards with Real-Link's attendance alert and emergency alert features.
  • Provide evidence to your clients of when their sites have been patrolled, by whom and where they went.
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors when submitting tenders for new work,by proving your commitment to lone worker protection by having a real-time system in place.
  • Easy to use solution that runs on a mobile phone, so no need for a separate device such as PDA or specific guard patrol equipment.
  • Ability to collect data on-site without filling in paper forms.
  • All information available in real-time.
  • Web based reporting allows any-time access to data for managers.
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