For Field Service / Asset Management

By using Real-Link for field service you can access full information of where and when your employees have been and a full history of work that they have been doing. By using RFID tags and NFC phones, the employee simply has to touch the tag with his phone to prove where he is, when he was there, for instructions of what must be done and to fill in details of what he has been doing. Any ad-hoc jobs that need completing can be sent to the employee using Real-Link’s job tickets functionality, where you will also be able to monitor when the job was started and completed.  In Real-Link’s web-based back office system you will be able to monitor what is happening in real-time and will be able to view historical data such as the history of a particular asset, work time of an employee and time spent at particular client’s sites.

 How does it work? 

  • Employee carries NFC-enabled mobile phone containing Real-Link application.
  • Visits locations and equipment that have pre-positioned RFID tags.
  • Touches tag with phone, which identifies who they are, the equipment that they are in front of, and where they are.
  • Phone can display a set of options relevant to that location that the worker chooses from. This may be a simple list of choices, or a data entry request (test details, equipment condition etc.)
  • The phone can also display instructions for what needs to be done at that particular piece of equipment.
  • All data is immediately transmitted via GPRS telephone network in real-time
  • This data can be viewed in real-time from anywhere via a web-based log-in.
 Benefits of using Real-Link for Asset Management/Field Service

  • Automate asset management process – no more paperwork that can be lost or destroyed.
  • Keep track of where each of your employees are at any time.
  • Provide proof to clients of how long was spent at their site.
  • Have full history of each asset/piece of equipment available at the touch of a button.
  • Ability to view detailed information about where each employee has been, when they were there, for how long and what they did once there.
  • Ensure no information is filled in for the wrong asset/equipment as each one will be uniquely identifiable by RFID tag.
  • Allocate ad-hoc jobs easily.
  • Ability to take photos of equipment without need for separate camera. The photo is also uploaded instantly for immediate viewing.
  • Easy to use solution that runs on a mobile phone, so no need for a separate expensive device such as PDA.
  • Clients can be given access to view work done if required.
  • All information available in real-time.
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