For Contract Cleaning

Real-Link is an ideal solution for contract cleaning. Using NFC enabled mobile phones and RFID tags you can get guaranteed proof that a cleaner has been to a client’s site, when they were there and for how long. Instructions for each site can be sent to the cleaner via the phone and they can also capture further information such as products used or issues that may have arisen.

 How does it work?

  • Cleaner carries a NFC enabled mobile phone with the Real-Link application on.
  • As the cleaner arrives at each client site/room they touch a pre-positioned tag with the phone. This will identify who they are, where they are and the time/date.
  • Phone can then display a list of options relevant to that location. This could include details of products being used or photos of any major issues.
  • Cleaner can also press an option to receive information such as instructions of what needs doing or where to go to next.
  • When cleaner has finished they can touch the tag again to record the time that they left.
  • All data is immediately transmitted via GPRS telephone network in real-time.
  • All data transmitted from phone can be viewed in real-time by managers or clients from anywhere via a web-based log-in.
  • Tags can also be placed in cleaner’s car so that they can record details of mileage.
 Benefits of Real-Link for Contract Cleaning Companies

  • Proof that your cleaners have been to your client sites and how long they spent there.
  • Immediate, electronic recording of information instead of filling in paper forms that must then be typed up.
  • Provide evidence to your clients that a cleaner has been on-site, what they did once there and how long they spent.
  • Ability to take photos of any major issues without need for separate camera. Photo is also uploaded instantly for immediate viewing.
  • Real-Link’s emergency alert function helps to ensure the safety of your staff, especially lone-workers.
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition by having a real-time system that clients can view. This also shows your commitment to lone worker protection.
  • Easy to use solution that runs on a mobile phone, so no need for a separate device such as PDA.
  • All information available in real-time.
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