Remove Paperwork from Bar & Nightclub Checks with Real-Link

Running a bar, pub or nightclub can either mean reams of paperwork from all of the checks that must be completed, or the uncertainty of knowing whether everything that should have been done, has been.  The checks that must be done can seem unending including opening checks, toilet checks, regular venue patrols, closing checks, deep cleaning checks and perimeter patrols. To be sure that your venue runs smoothly these checks should ideally all be recorded to ensure that they have been done correctly and as proof in the case of an issue arising.

Using Real-Link mobile data capture system is the easy way to capture and store all of this data quickly and easily. Running on a mobile phone, customised lists for all of the checks required in your venue can be added.  Alternatively you can use our standard bar app with lists already included. In either case, we can have you up and running very quickly.

All data captured on the mobile phones can be viewed via our cloud based web reports, or sent automatically via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If anything that needs urgent attention is reported, this can be emailed immediately.

Real-Link is an easy to use, cost effective, mobile phone based proof of attendance and data capture system. To find out how it can help your business please contact RealTime DC on 01243 855700 or


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