Keep track of employees’ attendance with Real-Link time & attendance system

If you need to keep track of employees, check shift patterns or satisfy health & safety requirements, then the Real-Link time and attendance system can provide you with this information in real-time.

ID cards that are issued to employees simply need to be touched to a mobile phone to record their name, the date and time. This information, along with the exact location of the phone, is sent to the Real-Link web portal instantly using the mobile phone network so that you can see exactly who is on site at any given time. By using a mobile phone instead of a fixed time and attendance system, it becomes completely portable, ready to be used on a different site if needed. It also cuts the cost of implementing a fixed time and attendance system that must be set up on a network.

The real-time data is available to be viewed as it happens on any computer, tablet or smart phone and reports can be exported or data integrated to your own back-end systems. Customers can even be given access to view their own site by using an individual log-in. Reports will show you who has been on-site and when and can also calculate the number of hours an employee has worked or been present on a particular site.

RFID enabled ID cards can be printed and personalised with your company logo and employee names or identification numbers. RealTime can provide the full package including mobile devices, ID cards, SIM cards and software licences. We can also supply a card printer to enable you to print and personalise your ID cards on-site, enabling you to complete your Real-Link time and attendance package.

For more information on this cost effective and adaptable system and other Real-Link systems available, please click here to contact us.

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