Improve your businesses response times with Real-Link

Many businesses base their reputations on their ability to deal with issues when they arise, in a quick and efficient manner. If a member of your team discovered an issue and needed to report it quickly, do you have an easy way to do this? Using Real-Link your employees can now complete a report which is instantly sent to the relevant person or department. No more ringing around departments, wasting time hanging on the end of a phone, scrolling through data to see what the report was about, or worse still, not dealing with the issue until a later time/date.

Using the standard Real-Link mobile app, employees can fill in easy to use reports on the phone to record an incident, maintenance issue, staff no-show or anything else where you would need instant notification. This is sent immediately to the correct department or person based on who filled the report in, the location and which report it was. Within seconds of the report being completed, the relevant person/department is notified and action can then be taken to rectify the situation.

Reports can be very simple and easy to use to ensure that the reporting member of staff does not spend too long completing it. If more information is required, forms can be developed further. Real-Link can be fully customised to your requirements.

In addition to the instant alarms, Real-Link can also be set to email reports to key members of staff (or customers) on a daily or weekly basis, enabling you to see what has (or hasn’t) been done by who, when and where.

Real-Link can help streamline your business communications fast and in a way that does not take up too much of your employees’ time. Many businesses have already saved time and money replacing more traditional methods with Real-Link’s quick and easy to use instant notifications.

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