Help Meet KPI’s with Real-Link Rounds

Many of you will already be aware of how flexible our Real-Link system is, being used in industries such as security, cleaning, nightclubs, facilities management, hotels and airports. The app itself is easily adaptable and can be customised for any setting. You may not be aware of the web reports that are also available. One of these is the Round Report.

If you have employees that need to do regular checks throughout their shift, regular inspections or regular patrols, then the Round Report will be the report that shows you that this has been done and that you are compliant. Within the Real-Link system you can set up rounds so that these checks, inspections or patrols need to be done between certain times, or must be done a certain amount of times within a shift.  The Round Report will then show you whether these rounds have been completed, finished but incomplete (not all locations visited) or not started. This is great if you need to prove to a client that you are meeting certain KPI’s. This report can also be automatically emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to any relevant people.

Some of our customers who currently use Rounds and the Round Report do so for the following reasons – regular security patrols, venue safety checks, noise checks and hourly toilet cleanliness checks.

Real-Link is an easy to use, cost effective, mobile phone based proof of attendance and data capture system. To find out how it can help your business please contact RealTime DC on 01243 855700 or


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