Fire Door Inspections using Real-Link

It is a legal requirement for all fire doors to be checked. Not only do these need checking daily to see that they are open/closed but also a detailed inspection on a 6 monthly or annual basis. In the vast majority of cases, these checks are done using paper based checklists. This can mean reams of paperwork and huge amounts of time spent collecting the paper, typing it up and analysing.

By incorporating all of your paper based checklists into Real-Link, all of these checks could be completed on a mobile phone. Each fire door would be uniquely identifiable by its own NFC tag. This means that you can also store information specific to each door to be available on each check. All data that is captured on an inspection is transmitted to the database meaning an end to typing up data from paper sheets. This data can then be exported or even integrated with other systems if required making analysis quick and easy.

If you would like to trial Real-Link for fire door inspections, please contact us on or 01243 855700.

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