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Track Security Patrols on Hazardous Sites

Do you supply guards in hazardous areas, such as oil and gas and chemical sites? Do you struggle to supply proof of patrols to your client as most electronic equipment is not allowed on these types of sites? If this is you, then look no further than Real-Link. Through our partnership with ecom, we are…
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5 Things Security Companies Need to Know About Real-Link

1. How easy is Real-Link to use? Will my staff need special training? The Real-Link system is designed to be very simple to use with no need for special IT skills. Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays meaning that using Real-Link is extremely easy. Very little training is required and we have found that…
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Real-Link Round Support

At RealTime we are constantly thinking of ways to help you make the most of your Real-Link system and we have created a video to explain how to start and complete a patrol round. Simple graphics guide you through the correct steps, showing which icons to touch on the handset to record essential data onto…
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New Mobile & Airtime Website Here at RealTime we are delighted to be launching our new Mobile and Airtime website. Mobile Phones [row] [span6] Find your ideal mobile on our website. Select your price range, choose your favourite operating system and let us do the rest. We will display all the exciting mobile handsets in that category. Click on…
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