Monthly Archives: July 2015

Real-Link Delivers 100% accuracy every time

You’ve decided it’s time to go paper-less. When choosing a software tool to help you achieve your objective, one of the many important things to consider in moving away from written instructions, procedures, reports, etc. is the accuracy and dependability of the tool you choose. Some software vendors will have you believe that all methods…
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Network boost for Real-Link Clients

DataSIM have become a new SIM card supplier for RealTime DC. The beauty of the DataSIM card is that it has the ability to roam over different networks to find the best signal. With data roaming activated on the device, the DataSIM can attach to the strongest network. This is a great benefit to our…
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Streamline Guard Operations with Real-Link USA

Congratulations, your marketing and training programs are delivering results. Business is brisk and growing every month. Now is the perfect time to get your back-office operation working as well as your field operation, while at the same time improving both. Even though things are going well, there are challenges waiting to consume your operation, such…
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